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Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck NMD,CDT,LMC,LEI,COE

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck is an educational icon known for her 37 + years of experience and expertise  in dermatological skin sciences, integrative esthetics and wellness. She is licensed in Georgia as a master cosmetologist, aesthetician, aesthetic instructor and holds a certificate for dermatological tech studies. Dr. Madigan-Fleck is well known as a leading author, lecturer, and national educator for the skin care industry - and serves as an advisory board member for Skin Inc. Magazine and for the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners. She holds national certification with the NCEA, Oncology Esthetics International, and as a natural health practitioner with Certified Natural Health Professionals.  Dr, Madigan-Fleck received her Naturopathic Doctoral Degree from the University of Science, Arts & Technology College of Medicine - and is a member of the American Society For Nutrition, International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, and the Society of Dermatological Skin Care Specialists. Dr. Madigan-Fleck is the CEO and owner of Naturophoria, established in 2000.


Naturopathic Dermatherapy - Integrative Approach

"The skin as a living organ - mirrors the overall constitution of the individual" - Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck

Dermatherapy combines naturopathy, integrative skin therapeutics and nutritional wellness to address some of the most common and problematic skin conditions. Nutritional status,supplements and lifestyle modification have been known to profoundly affect many skin conditions-even those most resistant to traditional therapy. Naturophoria focuses on holistic & integrative skin care through the tenets of naturopathic philosophy, aesthetic sciences, and non invasive techniques.

Bio Individuality

Naturophoria's personalized approach distinguishes that each person is unique as the skin concerns that are presented. Our goal is to address the possible cause of any skin condition, and not just address the symptoms.Through our methods in consultation &  evaluation, emphasis is placed on addressing the biological dynamics and arriving at a comprehensive program to address individual needs. The protocols that are utilized include both holistic and integrative approaches to encourage skin vitality and overall dermal homeostasis. Functional cosmeceuticals,biocompatible skin products and and integrative procedures are also an integral part of naturopathic dermatherapy.

About Naturopathic Dermatherapy


Take a cue from nature.

Naturophoria focuses on holistic and integrative skin care approaches through naturopathic philosophy, aesthetic sciences and non- invasive techniques. 


Is a time honored philosophy of healing that incorporates the therapeutic elements of nature encouraging the inherent ability of the body to establish, maintain and restore health and overall wellness.

Primum No Nocere - Do No Harm.

The process of healing includes symptoms which are an expression of the life force attempting to heal itself. The skin is a mirror reflecting overall health, and a vital organ indicating internal wellness by observation of its functional status. At Naturophoria, we avoid the application of harsh chemicals and procedures that may cause harm to the skin or may suppress the natural healing process and biological functions of the skin. Rather, we employ techniques, modalities and products that encourage overall skin homeostasis. 

Advanced Practicum



Senstive Skin & Acne

Senstive Skin & Acne

ImmunoEsthetics is a compassionate approach to skin wellness for individuals with immune conditions that present reactive skin and multiple chemical sensitivities.  Treatments are directed at maintaining skin integrity utilizing corneotherapeutic skin products with health as a primary consideration.


Senstive Skin & Acne

Senstive Skin & Acne

Senstive Skin & Acne

Skin sensitivities and acne account for the majority of problematic skin conditions. Our approach is to encourage barrier function, support the microbiome, and customize a regime  and program based on our skin diagnostics assessment, integrative modalities and compatible skin products.


Oncology Esthetics

Senstive Skin & Acne

Oncology Esthetics

A specialized approach in esthetics supporting the natural healing process of the skin often compromised  by radiation, chemotherapy, and medications frequently resulting in skin sensitivities. The goal is to support the integrity of the skin through various application of specialty products and techniques designed to nurture the skin and the spirit. We have earned our International Certification with OTI International, Canada.

Concierge Esthetic Services



Manual & Pneumatic Lymphatic Drainage

Microdermabrasion & Exfoliation

Microcurrent utilizes unique electrical waveforms transmitted through contact probes producing a non- invasive energy for a multitude of skin health benefits. Microcurrent has the capacity to work internally on the muscle fibers through various frequencies to encourage collagen production, and help to re-educate nerve & muscle cells thereby assisting in the tonicity of the face.  Microcurrent also has a regenerative effect increasing the local metabolism of  cells by encouraging the activity of ATP, and peripheral circulation. We use the TAMA Microcurrent systems exclusively.


Microdermabrasion & Exfoliation

Manual & Pneumatic Lymphatic Drainage

Microdermabrasion & Exfoliation

We offer several types of microdermabrasion and skin exfoliation techniques including traditional microdermabrasion, diamond crystal free, organic crystals and Dermaplanning. Microdermabrasion and related exfoliation techniques offers a non-chemical approach to assist in creating a healthier state of skin through improving microcirculation, facilitating blood flow and enhanced delivery of speciality post care products. 


Manual & Pneumatic Lymphatic Drainage

Manual & Pneumatic Lymphatic Drainage

Manual & Pneumatic Lymphatic Drainage

Healthy lymphatic function is considered a  primary indicator for the assessment of stagnant and congestive skin. Poor lymph activity is directly attributed to puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, swelling of the face, and distention. MLD performed with subtle massage techniques, or pulsed suction assists to  facilitate waste transport and encourage the revitalization of cells through oxygenation and balance through healthy blood flow.


LED Diode

Jet Clear Saline Exfoliation

Radio Frequency

LED is innovative light therapy that provides stimulus to the skin on a cellular level. LED wavelengths of light assist in collagen synthesis, circulation, lymphatics and help to boost the development of ATP during cellular activity that processes nutrients. LED is an excellent treatment for both surface & sub surface rejuvenation, and is highly beneficial for acne, rosacea, congested skin, sun damage and assists with hyperpigmentation. We use LightStim devices exclusively.


Radio Frequency

Jet Clear Saline Exfoliation

Radio Frequency

Radio frequency aids in the general revitalization of the skin tissue through thermal energy emissions to the skin. The application of warming RF electrodes along with a conductive gel deeply facilitate treatment and tonification. Alternating stimulus with a steel cryogenic device creates additional action on skin firming and toning offering a revitalized appearance. Benefits of radio frequency treatment include the instigation of cellular function ,stimulation of collagen, and assisting in the appearance skin laxity of sun damaged skin. Treatments are targeted through a series of applications.


Jet Clear Saline Exfoliation

Jet Clear Saline Exfoliation

Jet Clear Saline Exfoliation

The Jet Clear treatment utilizes an air - jet propelled device that pressure infuses saline water to effectively deep cleanse the skin and "pressure wash" the epidermis. The treatment is designed for all skin types and will improve the appearance of surface hydration, texture and congestion of the skin. The Jet Clear is highly effective for acne, comedones, skin texture, and dehydration leaving the skin feeling refreshed and well hydrated.


Ultrasonic & Cavitation

Ultrasonic & Cavitation

Ultrasonic & Cavitation

Ultrasonic modalities use sound waves that propagate energy introducing thermal effects to increase cell metabolism,  stimulation of collagen, and encouraged lymphatic flow. Oxygenation is encouraged by increased blood circulation, and beneficial ingredients may permeate the skin at an increased rate . Cavitation creates a thermal exfoliation with  an ultrasonic "blade" and herbal or floral waters to gently exfoliate the skin without excoriating the skin. Excellent for sensitive skins that need both exfoliation and hydration



Ultrasonic & Cavitation

Ultrasonic & Cavitation

Mesoporation is based on what is referred to as an electroporation process. Electrical impulses create a field of tension, causing tiny moisture channels to be opened in the skin for a fraction of a second. The absorption capacity of the skin increased by the mesoporation activity and the topically applied active ingredients are infused  for increased permeation into the skin. We use proprietary formulas for age management and increasing tonification of the skin.



Ultrasonic & Cavitation


The Biomat is an FDA approved infrared mat that is approved for the treatment of pain, symptoms, stiffness and arthritis.  Biomat offers far infrared radiant energy along with negative ions to encourage relaxation of the muscles and increase blood flow via thermotherapy. Thermotherapy may aid in tissue healing by supplying nutrients & encouraging the metabolism of cells. We incorporate the Biomat as part of our programs for overall wellness. 

Naturophoria's Signature Skin Wellness Assessment


Naturophoria conceptualized this unique and progressive method of skin evaluation:  the  Signature Skin Wellness Assessment (TM) - utilizing integrative, holistic and scientific aesthetic concepts - combined with a procedural approach in esthetics and naturopathy. We employ our decades of experience in aesthetics, scientific skin care and naturopathy combined with scientific diagnostic equipment to arrive at comprehensive program for skin wellness, esthetic treatment and home care regimes.  

We believe that the correct assessment of the skin is a thorough one - We designed this program to quantify and qualify - the importance of an in-depth, non- product driven, sensible mindset towards skin care product and treatment regimes. 

We engage in a 30 point factor assessment  system along with cutting edge methods and techniques in evaluating the skin prior to any esthetic treatment or before engaging in a new product program.

Many skin conditions that surface in time originate from the deeper skin layers and are difficult to confirm with the human eye. The Observ 500 exposes those conditions by using a patented skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technology. Using this unique technology we are able to both qualify and quantify anomalies that may present as skin conditions. Combined with Naturophoria's assessment techniques and philosophy - the goal is to provide skin wellness education to our clients regarding the their "state of skin" and how to best care for their skin's individual needs. Presenting  a multi pronged approach - careful consideration is also given to targeted treatments, compatible product recommendations, and tailored home care regimes.

 The one.... the only .... the original... Naturophoria Skin Wellness Assessment

About Naturophoria's Signature Skin Wellness Evaluation

  • Designed for first time clients who are seeking guidance for overall skin wellness or specific skin concerns or conditions: acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, etc. This service includes an indepth skin assessment and skin scanning, fundamental wellness coaching, service and product recommendations. Additional skin care services, products or evaluations are not included. Please plan 1 hour for the Skin Wellness Evaluation.

  • Evaluations are an integral part of the naturopathic philosophy taking into consideration: lifestyle, hormones, nutrients, topical products and more. Careful consideration is given to the overall status of general well-being and it's potential influences the skin. It is important to note that dermatherapy adopts a completely non invasive approach to skin care and often takes time for symptomology and nature to join forces.

  • The in-depth Skin Wellness Evaluation and comprehensive holistic skin assessment is invaluable in determining individual and specific needs for services , products and programs, and is required prior to any esthetic service.

  • Consultations, services and skin assessments are provided by ADVANCED APPOINTMENT ONLY. The SIGNATURE SKIN WELLNESS EXAM IS AVAILABLE ON-SITE AT OUR LOCATION ONLY. We welcome inquires regarding appointments and general questions regarding holistic skin care and naturopathy. However we cannot make specific skin problem recommendations without a consultation in person. 

  • Preventative skin script programs encourage health skin through balance, attentive care, product & regime and treatments -  Give time for nature to take its cue - from you!

Before You Schedule: Important Information


New Clients - First Visit

  • New clients are required to pre -pay for their first appointment and book their initial appointment online.  You may scroll down the page to the next sections to both book for your service and pre pay.
  • Please bring any skin care products you have used for the past six months, cosmetics & cosmetic accessories, and any vitamin supplements and medications with you to your initial appointment. 
  • First visit consultations will not include services, however we will be happy to schedule your next visit at your initial appointment.

Forms and Pricing

  • Intake forms and pricing for particular service requests will be provided to clients who have an appointment scheduled or are are pre- registered. We do not email documents without a prior visit.
  • All services are private pay - we do not accept or bill any form of insurance, or accept HSA payments.  
  • Payment is expected at the time of service or certain services require pre-payment in advance - We accept cash, Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal. 
  • We offer packages, gift cards, family plans and payment terms for programs.
  • Pricing for services is dependent on the outcome of the Skin Wellness Assessment and the goals the client has for their skin program and home care regime. 

Appointment Policies

  • New clients please arrive to your scheduled appointment visit at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill our forms and client information cards. For privacy concerns, we do not email this information. 
  • Cancellations and arriving on time for regular appointments: Please be considerate of our schedule as well as others with reserved appointments. Late arrivals past 15 minutes may be rescheduled - please text or email your status if you anticipate a late arrival so that we may advise you of any schedule conflict. 
  • Please advise us at least 24 hours prior to any cancellation to avoid a service charge. 
  • Please make childcare arrangements prior to your appointment - We accept appointments for youths over 12 years old and teenagers when accompanied by a guardian.
  • Subsequent visits, evaluations, treatment sessions with our practitioners, our medical director, or to physicians in our cooperative network may be requested to identify imbalances, make adjustments to programs or products or may require further health evaluation.  
  • After hours emails and  phone calls for topics other than scheduling appointment or ordering products -such as extended consultations are considered services and are billable by invoice
  • Booking at  Naturophoria with one our team practitioners: Please book your appointment with the team member directly to arrange any multiple service appointments during your visit. 
  • Please note that we do not offer any traditional spa services such as waxing, brows, nails, or body treatments. We would be happy to refer you to one of our spa partners. 

Our Network Medical Team Alliances

  • Dr. Cynthia S. Rudert - M.D., F.A.C.P. - Gastroenterologist / Celiac Specialist
  • Dr. Frank Matalone - D.O., N.M.D. - Hormones, Chelation, Environmental
  • Dr. Melissa Arnold - Board Certified Chiropractor, Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • Dr. Winston Cardwell - N.D. LAc - Oriental Medicine, Oncology Support
  • Dr. Scott Karempelis M.D. - Traditional Dermatology, Skin Cancer, Laser

  • Dr. Susan Tanner M.D. - General Medicine & Wellness and Naturophoria's Medical Director

Our Skin Wellness Alliances & Partners



Naturopathic Dermal Care-  The Essence of Nature- The Science of Skin Care


All appointments with new clients are scheduled by pre-consultation before any service is performed. Please use the contact section to ask us a general question. Please note that we do not give recommendations for products or treatments over the phone or via email.


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