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Consider that the food we consume daily transforms into our cells, blood, tissue and organs. The skin is one of the largest organs of the body and as such requires both support and protection on many levels. Environment, allergies, toxins, hormones, nutrient deficiencies and other biological aspects create the threshold for skin sustenance within the naturopathic philosophy. Nutritional status contributes not only to our overall health and well being – but influences the effects from free radical damage & aging, skin immunity, hyperpigmentation, inflammatory skin conditions and more. Our skin wellness consultation is a core and vital part of our skin care programs.


Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 8.58.50 PM copyFIR: Far infrared radiant heat is a naturally occurring energy that may be compared to the infrared spectrum of sunlight – but is free from the damaging effects that may be produced by ultraviolet rays. FIR encourages the body’s cells and the water within them to react to resonant absorption – encouraging waste transfer much in the way perspiration assists in detoxification. The body absorbs as much as 93% of this heat and is reputed to assist in: general detoxification, joint stiffness, boosting immunity, metabolism, and skin health. We offer FIR sessions as a stand-alone service or combined with aesthetic services using the FDA approved BioMat device.


iris_chart copyIridology is an assessment tool that holistic practitioners utilize in observing the overall constitution of an individual. It is not a diagnostic, but rather an indicator as to potential biochemical imbalances. The topography of the iris and the eyes correspond to specific organs and tissues and may suggest areas that need support – similarly in the way reflexology corresponds to the meridians of the body. Iridology has been used for over 400 years originating in Europe. Iridology sessions may be combined with our skin wellness consultation.



DISCLAIMER: Wellness tests are used as a guide to assist in providing general wellness recommendations. Naturophoria does NOT diagnose, cure, or treat any medical conditions. For the diagnosis of any disease – please consult your physician.

analyticalHTMA: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: A screening test for the level of 20 minerals and other metabolic markers via a sample of hair. HTMA may provide information about metabolic rate, energy levels, and stages of stress, immune system, and carbohydrate tolerance.

alcatALCAT: ALCAT is a world-recognized test for food and chemical sensitivities, intolerances and how immune cells may respond to such. Many IgE allergy studies have implicated food intolerances correlated with inflammatory skin conditions. Source: ALCAT portal/ archives

diagnosSALIVA TESTING: DiagnosTechs saliva testing evaluation method of enzyme linked testing. It is utilized for measuring various hormones, antigens, antibodies and other nutritional related markers.

genovaPREVENTATIVE TESTING: Genova Diagnostics specialized tests combine standard and innovative biomarkers to provide a more complete understanding of specific biological systems. Available tests include: hormones, amino acids, metabolic analysis, adrenals, candida, parasites, celiac and digestive.

Naturophoria’s Medical Advisor: Susan Tanner MD – Atlanta, GA